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பொது விளம்பரம் நாட நிலை (Privacy) காரணமாக, எமது அங்கத்தவர்களின் புகைப்படங்கள் அனைவரின் பார்வைக்கும் காட்சி படுத்தபடமாட்டாது. எமது அங்கத்தவர்களின் பதிவு பக்கத்தில், அவர்களுக்கு புகைப்பட கோரிக்கை விடுப்பதற்கான ஒழுங்குகள் செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளன. அவ்வாறான புகைப்பட கோரிக்கைகள் எமது அங்கத்தவரால் அங்கீகரிக்கப்படலாம் அல்லது நிராகரிக்கப்படலாம் .

The Best Matrimonial Service (Thirumana Sevai) for Tamil Speaking Sri Lankans

EQ Marriage Service, we are the leading Sri Lanka matrimonial service for Tamil community, offering our match making services to Tamil speaking Sri Lankans in the country, and away from the country. With thousands of Sri Lanka Tamil marriage proposals in hand, and with application of high level of technology, EQ Marriage Service is the hub for everyone who are in a search for a Sri Lanka based Tamil bride or groom. If you are looking for a Hindu matrimonial service or Tamil Roman Catholic marriage service, we are here to serve your need of wedding proposals. Being the best and the most advanced Tamil marriage service (Tamil thirumana thagaval maiyam), we help to find suitable Sri Lankan bride or groom for you in Sri Lanka or abroad.

Sri Lanka Tamil marriage proposals

With years of experience in match making services, together with advanced technology, we connect bride party and groom party via our online matrimonial platform in a quick, secured and efficient manner. We are happy to connect soulmates online via our easy to use platform, and bridge soulmates who are very far away each other (physically). We have connected hundreds of hearts, and we are enlightened to be the reason behind hundreds of happy weddings. If you are searching for a thirumana sevai in Sri Lanka (marriage service or marriage brokers) to find Tamil brides or bridegrooms, the EQ Marriage Service is the best choice for you to find a Tamil speaking Sri Lankan bride or groom.

At the best platform to find Sri Lankan Tamil marriage proposals, the EQ Marriage Service, we are happy to announce that, we have earned the highest level of trust among our customers by offering reliable, secured and fast matrimonial service. We thank our valuable customers for recommending us to their relatives and friends who are in a search for a Sri Lankan Tamil Hindu, Catholic matrimonial services. EQ Marriage Service is proud that, our customers' recommendations and referrals for our match making service, are the seed for our success, together with our team at back-end. Are you in the search for marriage proposals for you or your son, daughter, sibling, relatives, friends? Join with us today and find out Tamil marriage proposals easily in a traditional way but with modern trend, and just with few clicks. Register with us today to find Hindu grooms, Hindu brides, Catholic brides and Catholic grooms in short time frame.

Sri Lanka Tamil Thirumana Sevai

How does Tamil Matrimonial Site, EQ Marriage Service Help to Find Sri Lankan Tamil Manamagan (Groom) or Manamagal (Bride)?

Jaffna marriage proposals

To find out your Sri Lankan Tamil soulmate with the best Hindu & Catholic matrimonial site – the EQ Marriage Service, you have to register with us by clicking “register” button on top of this page. After you will have registered with us, and activate your profile by paying the relevant matrimonial site membership fees, you will have access to Sri Lanka marriage proposals via our members area section with handful resources helping you to find Sri Lankan manamagal (Bride) or manamagan (Groom) of your dream to marry. In order to access the Sri Lanka Tamil marriage proposals member area, you have to click 'login' button on top of this page or any pages on our website, and using the login credentials you can enter into the member area to find the proposals.

Tamil Matrimonial Customer Review

In the members' area, you have options to see full details of wedding proposals. You can see the latest profiles on top of the wedding proposals list under the 'Recommended Matches' tab. In the Sri Lanka Tamil marriage proposals list, you can see brief information about the Sri Lanka bride / groom, with a link to see full details of a profile (i.e : wedding proposal). The 'Recommended Matches' showcase possible matches for your profile. But, to find the more wedding proposals that matches more closely to your profile, you can use the 'search' option from the menu.

After viewing a profile (wedding proposal) and the chart, and if you are interested with that proposal details, and if chart matches (if you are concern about charts), you can contact the profile directly and ask their photo and phone number to proceed further. Once you will get the contact details (i.e : phone number), you can directly contact the profile and discuss further about the wedding. The process of connecting with other profiles in our matrimonial website is simple as it is. On the other hand, there are huge amounts of Sri Lankan Tamil proposals exists in our Tamil Thirumana sevai (wedding service), you have more choices to explore and connect with.

thirumana varan Tamil

By clicking “Approved Requests” section in our Tamil matrimonial members' area, you can see the list of photos and phone number of bride party or groom party, approved for you. Not only the photos and phone numbers, you can still see the link to the marriage proposal's profile page where you can see the details of the profile again. Now simply you can take your phone and dial the groom or bride party to discuss further about the wedding.

Under the "Requests to Me" section, you can see requests from other Sri Lankan Tamil wedding proposals (profiles) which are interested with your profile. On such case, you have option to approve the wedding proposal request to see your photo or phone number. Not only to 'approve', but also, there are options to 'reject' or 'block' the request to see your photo or phone number. Upon receiving any request to your wedding proposal in our matrimonial website, you may be notified by an e-mail, and you can simply login to our website and check this "Requests to Me" section, and see who have sent the requests to you, and see their complete profile with all details about the particular wedding proposal. On the other hand, you have options to ask their photo or phone number too.

Hindu marriage service

Also, the EQ Marriage Service, the leading Tamil matrimonial Website for Sri Lankan Hindus and Catholic, you can see the status of the requests you have sent to other marriage proposals in our website. By clicking the 'My Requests' section, you can see the current status of your requests to other wedding proposals in our matrimonial website. The 'Pending' tab shows the requests which are pending (i.e the requests which other party still did not approve or reject or block). The 'Accepted' tab show cases the summary of your approved wedding proposal requests, but to see the approved request, you have to check with “Approved Requests” section. Similarly, the 'rejected' tab shows the requests which are rejected, and tab 'Blocked' lists down the wedding proposals which blocked you.

marriage proposal Tamil

Do you want to list your Sri Lankan wedding proposal under 'manamagal thevai' (wanted bride) or 'manapen thevai' (wanted bride) or 'manamagan thevai' (wanted groom) category in our Tamil Hindu Sri Lankan matrimonial website? Click 'Register' button now and find your Tamil bride or groom quickly.

What Details A Profile for Wedding Proposal Contains?

A marriage proposal in our matrimonial site contains complete details of a bride or groom such as the date of birth, religion, caste, marital status, height, weight, residence details, educational background, job details, family background, star, zodiac signs etc together with their horoscope and unique profile number.

Sri Lanka marriage proposals

“Matching charts” is not only one process on a successful wedding nowadays, but in our great-grandfathers period which may be the only process decides the successful marriage. In the modern world, even though, charts match more than 70%, either parties may not like profile details and so on. For an example, the bride is an Engineer, the groom is working at vegetable store, on such case their profiles may not be compatible (but there are rare cases where both parties prefer to continue, but in most of the cases, it is not).

Tamil marriage proposal

On the other hand, both parties may like wedding proposal details, but charts may not match. In traditional Hindu wedding, the chart should match, and both parties should like each others profile, then only they can proceed further on viewing photograph and contacting further on discussion about the wedding. EQ Marriage Service is a platform for Sri Lankan Tamil matrimonial needs, designed and developed by having such concept in mind. In our matrimonial service, members can view details and chart of the bride or groom, and if the chart matches, they can proceed with photograph, and phone number, and discuss various other matters of wedding by their own, and EQ Marriage Service does not involve in any further discussions. EQ Marriage Service is the online Sri Lankan matrimonial portal that connects Tamil brides and grooms, which lead to successful wedded life, with high level of privacy, and secure.

Sri Lankan matrimonial website

What Type of Marriage Proposals EQ Marriage Service Features

We are the leading Sri Lankan matrimonial service for Tamil community, we feature variety of wedding proposals for brides and grooms with different expectations. Basically, we feature Tamil Hindu and Catholic profiles with various backgrounds. For arranged marriages, Sri Lankan Tamil community mostly consider the caste as an important factor (Hindus or Roman Catholic) on choosing the bride or groom for wedding other than wedding proposal's educational qualifications, job, country of residence, horoscope etc. On the other hand, there are modern marriage proposals with modern practices & style, do not consider the caste as an important factor for choosing a bride or groom.

In our matrimonial platform, we have marriage proposals for all the castes in the Sri Lankan community, starting from North, East of the country, to hill country & Colombo. Being the leading Tamil Hindu & Catholic matrimonial service, we have wedding proposals for Vellalar, Vishwakulam, Koviyar, Nalavar, Karayaar, Dobi, Isai Vellalar, Palar, Sengunthar, Bhramin, Parayar, Mottai Vellalar, Soliya Vellalar, Mukkulathor, Kalar, Maravar, Devar, Agamudayar and various other castes which exist in Sri Lanka.

Tamil Hindu Sri Lankan matrimonial

Apart from the caste, we have profiles for brides or grooms who are in a search for divorced, widowed, separated wedding proposals too. We have listed the Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers, Bankers, IT Engineers, Software Engineers, Teachers, Development Officers, Executives, Analysts, Programmers, Managers, Managing Directors, Businessmen profiles serving various industries like medical, construction, IT, finance & accounting, media, banking and insurance and more. Also, you can find government job holders and people working in private companies in reputed positions, in the wedding proposals listed in our online Tamil thiruma sevai (matrimonial service).

Tamil Thirumana Sevai Sri Lanka review

We offer our valuable match making services to the Sri Lankan Tamils all over the world, but not limited to Sri Lanka only. So, we have listed profiles from various other countries where the good amount of Sri Lankans are migrated and settled. We have profiles from English speaking countries such as United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, also we have marriage proposals from other non-English speaking developed countries such as France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Italy and more. If you are in a search for foreign settled Sri Lankan profiles, we have such profiles for you. Also, if you are in the search of well-educated foreign Sri Lankan based wedding proposals, we have the solutions for you as well.

Tamil Thirumana Sevai Sri Lanka

Are you in search for Jaffna brides, Indian brides, Sri Lanka Hindu brides, Tamil Christian brides, Tamil Hindu brides, Sri Lankan Tamil bridegrooms, Hindu grooms? We have lots of profiles for you. Simply register with us have unlimited access to the wedding proposals of Sri Lankan based brides and grooms.

Tamil thirumana thagaval maiyam

How to Register with the Best Hindu & Catholic Matrimonial Service – the EQ Marriage Service

thirumana sevai in Sri Lanka

Why to Join with EQ Marriage Service – the Sri Lanka Hindu & Tamil Roman Catholic Matrimonial Service

Sri Lankan matrimonial services

Unlimited Access to Wedding Proposals & Charts

Once your marriage proposal is activated, you will have unlimited access to profiles with us. You can view all possible matching profiles and charts, and contact with the profiles which you are interested & your chart matches (if you key 'Chart' as a factor for wedding). You can find the profiles through 'recommended matches' area, by accessing 'search' option, also you can search profiles by their 'profile ID' which you see on our advertisements on social media or offline media.

As the leading Tamil Sri Lankan matrimonial website, we have high number of profiles listed in our website for members with different expectations and varied marriage requirements. Our members can have access not only to all the existing profiles, but also to the newly registered profiles.

marriage proposal Tamil

No Broker Commission When Wedding is Fixed

We do not charge any broker commission upon a successful wedding. There are traditional Jaffna marriage brokers, and other Tamil marriage brokers in Sri Lanka usually apply 'Broker Commission' model, and charge big amount of money at the end of wedding as 'Brokerage'. Their pricing differs to type of profile, for example, for a groom with master degree their commission is different from a bride with Advanced Level qualification and seeking foreign groom. Some brokers charge commission subjected to the dowry offered. Overall, the Tamil marriage brokers charge vary from 50,000/=, 75,000/=, 2 lakhs, 3 lakhs etc from their customers.

We are a professional matrimonial service for Tamil speaking Hindu and Roman Catholic Sri Lankans, and we have only register fees model, and we do not charge big amount of money when wedding is fixed. Compare to marriage brokers, our matrimonial service is more economical, reliable, fast and easy to proceed.

Sri Lanka Tamil marriage proposals

Hundreds of Successful Marriages & Years of Experience in Match Making And Matrimonial Services

With years of experience in the Sri Lankan matrimonial industry, we are proud to say that we are the reason for hundreds of weddings, and we are a fruitful resource for people who seek a Sri Lankan Tamil bride or groom. As a team we are empowered, and enriched with the happiness which we have created through weddings in many hearts and lives.

Sri Lanka marriage proposals review

Fast Matrimonial Service for Sri Lankan Tamils

You do not have to wait for us to send matches via whatsapp, viber or email, or you do not have to visit our outlet and waste your time. At EQ Marriage Service, the leading Tamil marriage service, everything is fast, quick and easy. As soon as your wedding proposal listing is activated in our website, you can login and access the profiles, and connect with the marriage proposal listing that you are interested with, and directly connect with other party via our website.

Sri Lankan Tamil wedding proposals

Privacy of Wedding Proposal Details & Photographs

Privacy is highly matter to us, we do not showcase full details of a profile in public (i.e : only the registered members can have access to the full details of a profile, but not to photo, phone number and name). We do not showcase the name anywhere in the profile, and if someone is interested with your profile, they will send a request to photo and phone number of yours, it is your choice to approve or reject the request. By so, we maintain the high level of privacy and security for our members.

Tamil Hindu Sri Lankan matrimonial

No Extra Cost for Phone Numbers of Proposals

We do not charge any additional payment when accessing the telephone numbers of wedding proposal listings. You can have access to their telephone numbers directly through the relevant matrimonial membership package you have chosen when activating your marriage proposal listing.

Thirumana sevai

24 X 7 Access to Matrimonial Website

There is no time limit on when you can access our matrimonial platform. You can access our matrimonial website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at the best convenient time for you, and easily access the profile listings, and connect with our marriage proposal listings with just few clicks of your mouse or few touches of your phone or mobile devices.

Sri Lanka Tamil marriage proposals

Access Anywhere – Our Marriage Service

You can have access to our wedding proposal listings from anywhere in the World where you have internet access. Even you can access our matrimonial website via your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers. We are glad to offer such high level of ease of access to our customers to find the best companion for life through our matrimonial site for Sri Lankan Tamil brides and grooms.

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